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Believe it or not, compared to petrol cars owning a diesel car can actually help to improve air quality in towns and cities and help to tackle climate change. Motor industries and car manufacturers are investing billions of pounds in developing innovative technologies to enable them to produce their cleanest ever vehicle's. This will help to improve air quality and to drive down emission levels to help the two biggest issues facing our society today and in the future. Almost one in every two new cars registered in the UK remains a diesel, with buyers valuing their high performance and low fuel consumption.


On average diesel cars use 20% less fuel than like for like petrol models. Buyers are valuing the fact that diesel cars have low fuel consumption as well as high performance. 

Diesel is critical to reducing COemissions

Diesel cars emit on average 20% lower CO2 compared to a petrol equivalent. This means modern diesel engines are critical to reducing CO2

emissions which help to tackle the climate changes. Since 2002 diesel cars have saved approximately 3.5 million tonnes of COfrom going into the atmosphere.

96% of the UK’s 4.8 million commercial vehicles are powered by diesel

The 96% of diesel-powered commercial vans are used to transport our goods, people and our emergency services all over the country. 


More than half of the diesel vehicles on the road now boast a diesel particulate filter.  This advanced technology has virtually eliminated emissions of particulate matter, with 99% of these soot particulates captured by special filters fitted to all new diesel cars since 2011. 

The latest Euro 6 vehicles are the cleanest in history

Diesel vehicles have come along way due to their clever technology that converts most of the NOx from the engine into harmless nitrogen and water before it reaches the exhaust. This has been tested on the 159 bus route and showed a 95% drop in NOx compared with previous generation Euro 5 buses. In fact, if every older bus operating in the capital were replaced with a Euro 6 version, total NOx emissions in London would fall by 7.5%.

the latest Euro 6 car drivers will be able to drive in low emission zones for free

In 2019 the London Ultra Low Emission Zones are due to come into force meaning drivers of the latest Euro 6 vehicles will be able to enter the zones without any charges! 

diesel cars are not the main source of urban NOx

Diesel cars are not the main source of urban NOx. While road transport as a whole is responsible for around half of London’s NOx, diesel cars produce just 11%, although concentrations will vary at different times depending on congestion. Keeping traffic moving is the key to keeping emissions low.

new official EU-wide emissions testing system

A new official EU-wide emissions testing system has come into force. This involves on-road testing to better reflect the many and varied conditions involved in ‘real-world’ driving such as speed, congestion, road conditions and driving style. This will be the world’s toughest-ever emissions standard. 

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